AT-ATs on Hoth
AT-AT Walker
All Terrain Armored Transport

The Empire Strikes Back - The beginning

The at-at walker is one of the most memorable vehicles to come out of Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back. From the first sight of these giant machines marching on the landscape of planet Hoth you new they were on their way to becoming a part of movie history.

AT-AT sideview

Will AT-ATs be in The Force Awakens?

I most certainly hope so. I can imagine graveyard scenes littered with old remnants of the empire. AT-AT Walkers rusted out and covered with snow or over grown with trees and earth. Star destroyers grounded and turned into mini indoor villages. We can only hope.

Star Wars AT-AT model kit

3D metal AT-AT

Coming soon the unboxing and the time-lapse assembly of the Metal Earth AT-AT 3D model.